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CSTK a Thermo King authorized Sales, Service and Parts network of dealerships. CSTK serves the Midwest and East Coast with Thermo King solutions for trailers, trucks, vans, auxiliary power, climate control, telematics, power management and much more. CSTK also offers Thermo King parts, service, and warranty care. With ten facilities and a mobile service fleet to serve you, every Thermo King product we sell is backed by our expertise in transport refrigeration unit installation, repair, parts and service.

Thermo King is the world leader in transport temperature control systems for trucks, trailers, buses and rail cars. Thermo King also manufactures auxiliary power units, which dramatically reduce engine idling. As part of Thermo King’s unmatched nationwide dealer network, we provide expert factory-trained service when and where you need it, and a complete line of genuine and competitive parts.


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Auxiliary Power Units

TriPac Evolution Diesel Thermo King Auxiliary Power Unit APU Idle Reduction Tractor Trailer Power

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Built on the industry-leading Thermo King TriPac auxiliary power unit, the TriPac Evolution provides low operating costs, easy operation and true peace of mind.

  • Final Tier IV
  • Maximum Driver Comfort
  • Significant Fuel Savings
  • Reduced Tractor Idling
  • Unrivaled Performance
  • Easy Operation
  • Custom Configuration Options


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TriPac Envidia Electric Thermo King Auxiliary Power Unit APU Idle Reduction Tractor Trailer Power

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A clean, reliable, all-electric APU saves fuel and delivers driver comfort previously unavailable in an electric unit.

  • Longest all-electric runtime in the industry
  • Superior battery life
  • Clean, quiet comfort
  • Significant fuel saving
  • Reduced tractor idling
  • Increased power and runtime
  • Easy operation
  • Custom configuration options


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CSTK Thermo King Central States Thermo King Dealer Tripac Evolution Diesel Envidia Electric APU Auxiliary Power Unit Repair Parts Service Sale New Used Idle reduction cab power management solutions



Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) offer increased driver comfort, greater fuel savings, better driver recruitment/retention, idle reduction, lowered maintenance costs and higher tractor residual values. Thermo King is the global APU leader and offers the choice of the diesel TriPac® Evolution or the all-electric TriPac® Envidia™. One is sure to be the right choice for your business.




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Trailer Units


Thermo King Precedent Trailer Reefer Refrigeration Unit Multi Temp Single Temp CARB Refrigerated Trailer

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Thermo King Precedent Transport Refrigeration Reefer Freezer Frozen Trailer Unit Rail Transportation Tractor Trailer CSTK Dealer Dealership Fleet ConnectSuite Management

The Precedent Thermo King trailer unit platform delivers more choice, performance, and savings in both fuel consumption and maintenance.

  • CARB-compliant
  • Double digit fuel savings
  • Superior temperature control
  • All models now TracKing connected, straight from the factory
Precedent Single Temp
  • C-600
Precedent S Series

Single Temp Developed to achieve Evergreen CARB and EPA Emissions compliance without a Diesel Particulate Filter.

  • S-600
  • S-700
Precedent Multi Temp

Allows for multiple temperature zones in one trailer.

  • C-600M
Precedent S Series Multi Temp

Developed to achieve Evergreen CARB and EPA Emissions compliance without a Diesel Particulate Filter.

  • S-610M
  • S-610DE


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SLXi Local

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SLXi Thermo King Urban Distribution Green Reefer Refrigeration Pup Trailer urban food distribution Thermo King transport refrigeration trailer unit CSTK dealer

Thermo King’s SLXi Local pup and full length trailer unit is optimized to deliver in urban food distribution markets. This slim Thermo King trailer unit is quiet, lighter and slimmer for food distribution fleets in demanding city environments.

  • Lightest trailer refrigeration unit available in North America: up to 200 lbs. lighter than other comparable units
  • Slim line design for easier turning in tight delivery spaces and busy city streets
  • Utilizing next-generation R452A refrigerant, reducing global warming impact
  • Quieter operation than similar units

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Heat King

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Thermo King Heat King Freeze Protection Trailer Unit CSTK trailer rail transport temperature control dealer Midwest East Coast logistics

Heat King is the highest capacity dedicated transport heater available in the market today. Heat King delivers maximum uptime, ease of maintenance and long-term reliability with its heavy duty, rugged, and simple design.

  • EPA Tier IV Compliant
  • Extra capacity available for longer thin-walled trailers
  • Powerful cargo airflow circulation
  • DOT-approved for flammable liquid and gas transport
  • High and low speeds for optimal fuel economy


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Truck/Van Units


T-90 Diesel-Powered Truck Units

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Thermo King T-90 Diesel Powered Straight Truck Reefer Refrigeration Unit Thermo King Dealer T-80

The Thermo King T-90 series of transport refrigeration units for straight trucks offers lower maintenance costs and better fuel efficiency. Taking Thermo King’s self-powered truck refrigeration models to a new level, the next generation T-90 Series of diesel-powered truck units offers the right solutions for today’s challenges. Whether you’re looking for more capacity, trustworthy reliability and performance, fuel efficiency, unprecedented temperature pull-down and recovery, convenient maintenance intervals, or all of the above, the T-90 Series will not let you down.

  • Improved coil designs & optimized engine management help increase capacity up to 35%
  • Extended maintenance interval (EMI) of 2,000 hours —the longest in the industry — minimizes downtime and saves more money
  • Thermo King SmartPower exclusive electric standby technology saves up to 75% on fuel costs
  • QuickTemp technology, cycle-sentry mode, Fuel Saver II technology, and electronic door switches can also be utilized to save on fuel costs


Vehicle powered trucks

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From straight trucks to delivery vans, Thermo King offers a variety of temperature control units to suit your needs.

  • Low fuel consumption and running costs
  • DSR (Direct Smart Reefer) controller
  • Superior capacity and airflow
  • Smart power electric standby
  • Outstanding pull-down capacity for improved pull-down and recovery time to guarantee product quality
  • Ideal for demanding conditions and able to function in ambient temperatures up to 122°F
  • Low noise levels
  • CARB TRU exemption
  • Multi-temperature operation
  • Customizable options



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Power Management

Thermolite Solar Panels

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ThermoLite Solar Panels deliver clean, reliable performance in a wide variety of applications resulting in decreased waste, lower fuel consumption, and reduced emissions.

  • Optimized to offset controller and telematics loads
  • Greatly extends battery life and prevents costly road calls
  • High efficiency solar cells use latest technology to produce abundant power, even in low light conditions
  • Designed for quick, easy installation in all applications
  • Weatherproof panel construction for extreme durability and long system life
  • 20+ year anticipated product life
  • 5 year full product warranty

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Thermo King Power Solutions

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Thermo King Power Management Lift Gates Battery Lights ThermoLite Power Vehicle Battery Idle Reduction Solar

CSTK offers a complete line of Thermo King Power Management Solutions, including power storage, power generation and electrical load management solutions for your fleet. Thermo King’s power management platform is designed to cost-effectively produce and manage your vehicle power, keeping your lift gates, trailer lights, and other equipment powered during peak usage.

Thermo King power management products include:

  • Electric Power Jack (EPJ) Charger
  • Boost Charger
  • Eon Power Pack
  • Auto Start



Thermo King ConnectedSuite

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Thermo King ConnectedSuite TracKing fleet management system reefer temperature monitoring smartphone app CSTK dealer

ConnectedSuite Asset Connectivity is a complete bundle of Thermo King technology designed to deliver critical fleet information.  Putting this data to work gives you the ability to track and trace individual deliveries across your vehicles and equipment. You’ll be able to track temperature, meet regulatory requirements, and manage your assets via data-driven fleet operations.  Oversee your fleet on the go using smart phones and other devices.

  • Real-time asset connectivity including reefer status, load condition and location
  • Temperature compliance, security of your equipment, and cargo traceability
  • Maximize vehicle uptime while monitoring and lowering fuel usage
  • Real-time monitoring of temperature, location, and alarm information via mobile apps 24/7


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CSTK Telematics

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CSTK Telematics Systems are easy-to-use, in-cab, driver-friendly solutions that provide a variety of benefits.

Truck Telematics
  • Improve compliance
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Enhance road safety
  • Protect your cargo
  • Monitor hours, communication, trip inspections
  • Track fuel
  • Allow for satellite navigation
  • Improve data logging
Reefer Tracking & Status

CSTK Telematics provide live tracking of vehicles with position updates every 5 minutes. Easily review:

  • Vehicle location
  • Utilization information
  • Dwell times
  • Trip and stop information
  • Unit on/off
  • Set-point
  • Return air and discharge air
  • Mode of operation
  • Active alarms
  • Fuel levels
  • Hour-meter readings
Trailer Management

CSTK Telematics provide users with live or scheduled trailer status information. When tethered, CSTK’s solution provides trailer status info every 10 minutes by default and every 12 hours when untethered. Using the latest mapping technology, trailer location data can be displayed using road, aerial or bird’s eye map views.

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